Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ellen Shaves Her Eyebrows in Support of Gay Rights

Ellen Degeneres

She might be one of my favorite public figures and this may be one of the funniest eyebrow-less pics we have shown you yet..thoughts?

In a recent JC Penny meets people-who-hate-gay-people-and-suck situation, Ellen's fans took a stand for her at a JCP in New York and wore pink.
It's alllll here 

And just for Fun.. I freaking LIVE Parks and Rec, so check out this video of Tom Woo-ing Anne!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adele Trades Her Eyebrows for 6 Grammy WINS!

She won!!! annnndddd she rocks, daahh. Read about it HERE.

We LOVED this behind the scenes interview with Adele and Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes Overtime

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hillary Duff Eats a Child and Loses Her Eyebrows

She's honestly the size of a house these days. And in the process of growing a kid, she has lost her brows!
CeleBuzz shows us pics of her HERE in an ugly yellow jacket.

M.I.A's Punishment for Flipping The Bird at the Superbowl..

While we loved the glitz and the glam of Superbowl 2012's halftime show, Madonna's new song leaves a little something to be desired.. something about all music sounds the same these days? Is she trying to be ironic because her latest, Give Me All Your Lovin' sounds a heck of a lot like Ke$ha meets Gaga mashed up with Madonna's last album..
That being said, M.I.A's sweet attempt to grab the spotlight by 'pulling a zap' or 'flipping the bird', just made the song that much more tolerable.. Read all about M.I.A (punished with shaven brows, ) right HERE.