Monday, June 9, 2014

SPOILER ALERT!!!! How They Constructed the HEAD EXPLOSION Scene in Game of Thrones : The Mountain Vs. The Viper

I am a HUGE HUGE Game of Thrones fan, so obviously when I saw this handsome beast, Pedro Pascal who plays the Dornishman Oberyn Martell (aka The Viper,) have his head explode through the pressure The Mountain (actor Hafbor Julius Bjornsson) put in his skull by drilling his thumbs through his eye sockets..... I very nearly passed out.

Then I ate some comfort food (read chocolate,) scoured facebook for some mindless distraction and tried as best as I could to put it out of mind.
Today I neeeeeded to know just how they did the absolutely gruesome scene, which in my opinions has further pushed the boundaries of TV viewing.
Thanks @VanityFair ! Click Here for their recount.

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