Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cameron Diaz Marries Benji Madden!

Not gonna lie, I didn't think this day would ever come. Not because she's not stunning even now in her 40s, but because after so long and having switched partners like underwear, I just figured.. meh what's another 40 years solo?
Personally think it's an unusual match up (Cameron and Benji,) that might actually be based on looovve (here's hoping,) or might just be based on timing. The cynic in me says the latter, the hopeful romantic thinks that love can be found in unusual places.. like the heart of 35 year old Benji Madden. 

Here's Cameron Diaz without eyebrows

And here's the full scoop and why she doesn't want any rug rats.. I mean kids.

Again, I send you to our friends over at POPSugar for details
Click HERE for the full story

Monday, January 5, 2015

Tara Reid Poses Naked For Instagram

And we have all of the best pictures!!!

Seriously, would we fail you here? No clue what inspires the need to pose naked on a hammock and then show that to the rest of the world, but it made me chuckle a little so I'm okay with it. Plus, hello 2015! Let's start you off with a bang!

Here is T sans eyebrows, of course.

And here she is in her 'naked' glory

And this might be my fave..


Our friends over at Popsugar have the story we didn't feel like writing. Enjoy!