Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alan Rickman Dies of Cancer at Age 69

Am I just going to be writing about people who turn 69 and then die of cancer in 2016?!!
I hate when people say 'it's not fair,' so I won't say that, but it's pretty damn F&^$D up!
Snape died today.... Snape!!! I feel like I'm reliving that moment in Harry Potter, you know which one I'm talking about.. the one where Snape dies! (I was going to allude to it here, but then realized if you haven't read Harry Potter by now you've been living under a rock and deserve to have an in-your-face spoiler.)
This is Snape's moment, not Bowie's, but I will note how strange it is that both icons died at 69, of cancer and within a week of each other... I think both are English too.. (don't quote me on that.)
Read his last letter to HP fans below.

Read the letter HERE

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

David Bowie Dies of Cancer at Age 69

I try and not get too attached to celebrities. They come and go from the spotlight, I don't actually know them, and when it comes down to it, they are just like everyone else; they just lead extraordinary lives I couldn't even fathom. 
But, when I heard David Bowie died of cancer at the age of 69 on January 10th, 2016, I was heartbroken. 
I admittedly don't know a ton about his history, the titles of his albums or those of his best selling hits. I do know that he was a huge part of one of my all-time favorite movies, the Labyrinth, and with his passing, the part of me who is eternally grateful for every piece of inspiration I have taken from something I literally can't remember my life without, felt a sadness I didn't think I could feel for someone I don't know and have never met. 
For those who have lost anyone from the horrible disease that is cancer, my thoughts and prayers are with you.. we are all in this together. 
To Bowie, who will forever remain Jarreth, the Golbin King.. thank you. I don't have much more than that really, and maybe... that's enough. 

Read more about his passing HERE thanks to the BBC

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kanye West Auditions For American Idol

I am not Kanye's biggest fan. Some of the stuff he has done historically has been downright pompous and rude (IMO.) But, I am always up for offering second chances, and in this faux audition for American Idol, in which he raps Gold Digger, he seems so vulnerable and sweet, I could almost kick myself for letting him back into my heart even a little.

Read more about it HERE thanks to CNN

Monday, January 4, 2016

Justin Bieber Kisses Hailey Baldwin

The Biebs spend NYE making out with Hailey Bladwin, and then true to his own style, posted a pic of it on Instagram for the world (and Selena,) to see. I think it's safe to say that his song "Love Yourself" is not about Hailey...

Read more about it HERE

Check out the steamy kiss below!